Family Nutrition - Pediatric

Youngsters should avoid everything prepared with sugar or sugar-laden products. Even before the age of two, it is suggested that youngsters should avoid sugar in their diets. As a result, it's nothing but empty calories, and a sugar habit is one of many bad ones that might be difficult to manage.
Healthy practises continuing to be emphasized as children become older. Vegetables, fruits, grains (ideally at least half whole grains), lean meats, poultry, eggs, shellfish, beans and peas, as well as nuts and soy, dairy, and healthy oils, should be included in the diets of all children, regardless of age.
Only a tiny amount of their calories should be derived from either sugar or saturated fat, and they should also restrict their intake of salt. Portion sizes should be age-appropriate (adults and children should not be offered the same amount). Physical activity should be incorporated into their lifestyle to remain active and healthy.

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